US Tax Return

Every year on April 15th US citizens living in Germany have to file their tax returns; indeed quite a lot of compulsory red tape has to be processed. BNM provides an optimal alternative and perfect service for your American employees.

Your employee will receive professional advice by affiliate Katrin Bartel-Riemann and her team in either German or English, as desired, at your office.

BNM will completely draw up the German income tax statement. The US-statement will be carefully prepared and forwarded to our partner Allure Accounting Inc., where it will be completed and delivered to the US-revenue office.

The extent to which foreign incomes can be excluded to minimize assessable American income as well as deductions, like housing costs can be claimed- our American partner will give precise on all these questions. Possible tax refunds will then be transferred via a US bank according to customs.

A perfect solution with the smallest possible effort, speedy execution, and a quick result delivered by experts on both sides of the Atlantic.

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