BeckmannDr. Klaus Beckmann

‘Through my experience of working many years as a certified accountant and tax advisor, I have access to a large, international network of tax advisors and auditors covering an extensive range of disciplines. I, myself, have particular expertise in the areas of reorganisation and corporate valuations, so if you need advice in these areas please do not hesitate to contact me.’



NordmannSilvia Nordmann

‘My pet passion is accounting, in particular bookkeeping, the preparation and auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements as well the implementation of creative new business ideas into the financial statements. During my time as trainee accountant, tax clerk, tax advisor and auditor, I gained valuable and extensive knowledge of accounting systems.’



MeyerDipl.Kfm. Ingmar Meyer

‘One of my focal points, professionally, is advising foundations as well as general tax and business consulting. Particularly when combined, both of these advisory approaches open up a number of possibilities to shape the management of securities or real estate assets. I am also happy to take on cases requiring successor advice in order to optimise the taxation implications attached to both business and personal assets when inherited by the next generation.’



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